Stimulation Electricity Driven Hydraulic / Diesel Engine
Loading Chamber Up to 5 m3
Engine Power 5,5 kw 16 Amp. or 11 kW 32 Amp
Working Type PLC Supported Hydraulic
Hydraulic System Pressure 175 Bar
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Shark MK9 EPS Compactor is brand new and most innovative product of Shark Compactor for recycling business. Shark MK-9 provides unique EPS (Expanded Polystyren Foam) shredding & compressing system to solve all known major problems for EPS materials. Shark MK9 is a fully mobile & user-friendly product that can be carried by Hooklift from waste collection centers to disposal or recycling points. Shark MK9 also equipped with known creative Shark technologies & safety components same as all Shark products. Shark MK9 EPS Compactor comes with huge loading (up to 5 m3) chamber & impressive shredder & patented compaction system capabilities to provide strengthening the business economy, reducing worktime of enterprises, extra overwork expenses & gains productivity in your business life.

Beside of these abilities, Shark MK9 EPS Compactor saves CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions to protect environment during its usage. Shark Compactors aims to be an ideal product for the companies who are doing their services for the recycling business & it is a product that does not require daily maintenance except the pre-operation safety controls.