Total Body Volume Up to 24 m3 & 29 m3
Loading Chamber Up to 3 m3 & 3,8 m3
Stimulation 380 / 220 V Electricity
Working Type PLC supported Hydraulic
Empty Weight 3.500 kg.
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Shark MK5 is a long-life product which constructed with elegant condition. Shark compactor is a self-cleaning product & it does not need cleaning procedures like traditional compactors. Shark Containers, aims to be an ideal product for the companies who are doing their services for the recycling business & it is a product that does not require daily maintenance except the pre-operation safety controls.

Shark MK5 comes with a 3 m3 regular or 3,8 m3 ramp infilling packer head (loading chamber) and high compression capacity which is mean it’s the focal point of the search for strengthening the business economy, it is also minimizes the fuel costs, extra overwork expenses & reduces worktime of the enterprises.