Quality Policy

The vision of Shark Compactors ApS is the providing long term after sale service with long life easy to use products & reaching beyond of customers’ expectations by adhering total quality management systems.

    • As Shark Compactors, our goal is moving together to common targets to make goals known our goals by all our employees & business partners.
    • Reaching to international compete level by targeting continuous development in all our processes with our experienced & trained team.
    • We are taking continuous steps to develop our current system by integrating all our team with team spirit by complying rules & subjects of our integrated quality management system.
    • Reaching to company & company’s unit targets with collective management & production understanding.
    • To developing innovative product & service understanding to make all our employees support with their ideas to all our work processes.
    • To collecting data for continuous development by adhering analyses with evaluations related to right applications for right performance scaling.
    • To ensure stability continuity of our business, production & service, all risks and opportunities evaluating periodically to keep these points under control for total quality management, occupational safety & environmental management.
    • To provide occupational health & employee safety, all legal regulations are applying with all our employees to reduce risks minimum & get rid of threat
    • To provide productive usage of energy, natural sources & raw materials.
    • Achieving to aim with improving environmental performance by extending & discovering environmental awareness.
    • Performing & applying all activities to make all our team understand which preventing environmental contamination, protect environment & human health taking by all actions
    • Providing valuable feedbacks to customer by evaluating all quality management procedures with its evidences to protect customer rights & applying activities to record all complaints.
    • We are performing social activities to improve all our employees are communication power & production-based motivation.